Create Fiverr Account With Ease and Make Money on Fiverr 2017

How to Create A Fiverr Account 

Create Fiverr Account

Hello there, I am basically going to show you how to create a Fiverr account for yourself. Following the steps that will be listed in this post will literally guarantee a high success rate on Fiverr in terms of orders.

If you want to make money on Fiverr you should totally read this.

Moving on;

What is Fiverr?

For the sake of newbies, I'll begin by explaining what Fiverr is;

Fiverr is a freelancing platform, it can simply be described as a global marketplace where services are offered and bought for as low as $5. 

The name Fiverr is actually a derivative of five ($5). Get it? five dollars, Fiverr.

Everyday freelancers make money via Fiverr, so if you haven't created a Fiverr account for yourself, you should probably do so.

Creating an Account on Fiverr

The first question you should ask yourself before creating an account on Fiverr is (What services can I offer Clients with ease?).

If you have a genuine answer to the question above, then you can go ahead and create a Fiverr account for yourself and start making money on Fiverr. You can offer more than one service on Fiverr.

Here's a quick list of all available jobs offered on Fiverr;

  • Graphic and Design.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Writing and Translation.
  • Video and Animation.
  • Music and Audio.
  • Programming and Tech.
  • Business.
  • Fun and Lifestyle.
These are actually basic categories of services on Fiverr, there are actually tons of subcategories. For example, under Writing and Translation, there is;

  • Translation.
  • Resume and Cover letters.
  • Cover letters.
  • Legal writing.
  • Transcription.
  • Research and Summaries.
  • Articles and Blog post.
  • And Others.
These are some of the sub-categories under Writing and Translation.

Other main categories also have sub-categories. So, just head over to Fiverr and you should see a service that you are good at. On Fiverr, there is a service for almost everyone.

Moving on;

After that being said, I'll quickly cut to the chase by telling you how to create a Fiverr account.

Okay, so how should I do this, Steps? or just boring long text?

I'm guessing you went for steps. So here goes

Step 1: On a web browser open

Step 2: After opening the website, Click or tap on the button that says Join.

Now after that it's time to create your account. You can use your email to signup for Fiverr, you can also sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

How to open a fiverr account

Signing in With Your Email Address

If you would want to create your new Fiverr account using an Email address, be it Yahoo or Gmail, follow these steps;

  • Enter your Email address and click on continue.
  • Choose a unique password for your account and tap on Join.
  • After creating your Fiverr account, you will need to activate it by visiting your Email account.

Signing In With Your Facebook Account

  • Click or tap on continue with Facebook.
  • Log in your Facebook account and grant Fiverr access.

Signing in with your Google Account

  • Click or tap on continue with Google.
  • Log in your Google account and grant Fiverr access.

Don't be scared, Fiverr will never post anything for you on Facebook or Google for any reason, your account stays private to you and you alone.

After that being said, lets now move on to the fun part.

What's the fun part? Well, it's the part where you start making money on Fiverr.

How to start making money On Fiverr

So, you have created your Fiverr account, It's brand new and feels good. Yeah, I've been there. But there is more to making money on Fiverr than just creating an Account.

You need to create something called gigs.

What are Fiverr gigs? 

In my own understanding, a Fiverr gig is a service that you offer on Fiverr. A buyer see's this service(gig) and buys from you.

That's just it.

There are other things you need to do to bring in more buyers on Fiverr, things like;
  • Search Tags
  • Low prices.
  • Great about me description.
  • Buyers request.
  • And lots more.
Another important thing you that you should do after creating your account is editing your Fiverr profile, you need to make it look mature and eye catching.

Here's how to create a nice seller profile that buyers would love.

  • While logged in, Click or tap on Start selling.
  • Scroll down and Click or tap on Become a seller. 

This is where the settings begin.

Below is the list of settings that you will see; 

Availability: Simply select your availability in terms of work time. You would also be required to provide work time and expected earnings per month.

Linked Accounts: Here, you can link any of your social media accounts if you want to.

Languages: Chose one of more languages that you are fluent with. You can add a new language by clicking on add new.

Skills: Do you have a skill? Well, Fiverr needs to know. Use the Add button to add skills, you can add one or more.

Education: Here, Fiverr simply wants to know if you went to high school and college, you can add as many as possible.

Certification: Are you certified in any field that will boost your Fiverr profile? Add your certifications.

Profile Photo: This is very important on Fiverr, you really don't want to put some funny looking or low-quality image on Fiverr, you'll drive so many serious buyers away. Your profile photo should be a nice picture of you probably in your office or your house. Just make sure it is good to go.

Description: This is the last but definitely not the least, your Fiverr description should basically tell your buyers who you are and your expertise. 

Here is an example of an amazing Fiverr description from a seller on Fiverr.

Hello, my name is Fabian Cliff from the United States. I am a professional with over 6 years of experience in creating whiteboard animations and explainer videos, I have worked for tons of clients off and on Fiverr.

Remember to make your description, short and very simple.

After all that is done, it's time to save your changes by clicking or tapping on Continue and create your first gig.

And bada bing, bada boom. You are all set to Create your first gig on Fiverr.

Note: Don't use a VPN to log in Fiverr, there are lots of sites and forums that encourage users to use a VPN while creating Fiverr accounts and also using a generated mobile number. This is against Fiverr's terms and could lead to disabling your account without a warning.

Be genuine, use your real photo, real phone number, if the service you offer is great and not saturated, you will surely get buyers from around the world.


This guide was basically meant to help you create a Fiverr account in the best possible way, If follow our guide correctly, you should be on the verge of making money on Fiverr.

The right way is the best way.

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