Top 10 Best Freelancing Platforms 2018 | Handpicked

10 Best Freelancing Platforms 2018

Thousands of people still don't know they can make money online with their potential and skills. Not to worry, the problem is going to be solved today with what has been brought to the table for you today. So what you need to do is, grab a cup of coffee or tea, sip slowly, then sit back, relax and enjoy this article on best freelancing platforms 2018

Whether you're looking for an additional solution to pay your bills, seeking more professional development possibilities or just love the freedom that freelancing presents, there's no query that hundreds of thousands of folks have enjoyed the benefits of respectable freelancing. The number of freelance resources in the market has incessantly kept increasing.

There are a lot of guides for striking out on your own, however as a freelancer, getting higher-paying gigs isn't only a topic of signing up on trendy structures. You'll have to branch out, establish a nice portfolio of earlier work(s) and possibly even showcase yourself through a test that exhibits your skills.

Here's a list of 10 quality websites to search out work as a freelancer.


With over 1.5 million customers, Upwork (previously oDesk) offers something for each sort of freelancer. It incorporates each short- and lengthy-time period projects, hourly or per-project work and expert-level and entry-level engagements. Irrespective of the level you might be in your career, Upwork is more likely to have something for you.


With a tremendously distinctive process than the other services on this list provide, Toptal is for pro, gifted freelancers. Passing Toptal's screening system gives you unparalleled entry to meaningful tasks with nice consumers (JPMorgan, Zendesk, Airbnb, and so forth.) and reasonable compensation (no low-bid contests). You'll also be ready to become a member of the Toptal community for everyday meetups and tech routine.


Elance removes lots of the hassle that comes with freelancing. You'll be in a position to make a profile right away without jumping through any hoops, enjoy fee protection to ensure you're perpetually paid for the hours you're employed, and extra.


Unlike most other systems, Freelancer allows you to compete with different freelancers in contests to show your potential. If you're aggressive and positive on your competencies, it's a first-rate approach to exhibit your advantage and attract more clients.


Even though most humans see Craigslist as just a platform for shopping and promoting miscellaneous matters, it's clearly a first-class supply of freelance jobs. Which you can with ease browse for nearby offerings when you prefer something in-place of business, or that you could search through principal cities should you choose to work remotely?


This web page permits you to readily showcase your prior work expertise and offers a day-to-day job-matching characteristic to ensure you don't fail to spot any right possibilities. The Guru  Work Room permits you to simply manage all your work.


A platform for freelance designers, 99designs allows you to compete in design contests and get feedback as consumers decide upon the high-quality ones. It's an exceptional method for proficient designers to show their competence and capabilities.


This is a pleasant platform, focusing on freelancing for net tasks. If you're a clothier, web developer, SEO professional, and many others., peopleperhour is surely valued to be checking out.

Freelance Writing Gigs

Whether you're a writer, editor, blogger, publisher or any blend of these, Freelance Writing Gigs is an exceptional option for freelancers who have a way of using phrases.

Demand Media

Demand Media is a platform for ingenious types, including writers, filmmakers, producers, photographers and more. You work with the site to create designated content material, have interaction audiences and promote your competencies.


With these listed freelancing sites, you can opt in for any of your desired choices to show your competency and capabilities in what you know how to do best. 

You can tell those folks of yours with a great potential, that he/she can make money with his/her potentiality. This will add to his/her income to pay bills.

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Highest Paying Freelancing Jobs 2018

15 Highest Paying Freelance Jobs

freelancing jobs

The world is evolving and with it, the job market. This mostly includes job locations, descriptions and pay too. Freelancing is currently the new white collar, with people deciding to work from home and not commit to a long-term employer. It involves offering your services, based on the skills you have, to a client or clients who need them.
The advantages of freelancing are endless, spanning from your ability to control your work hours to decide the pay and the frequency of it. Seeing as this is not a piece on the world of freelancing in its entirety, I’ll spare you most of the details and cut down to the chase: the pay. For most of us, a regular 9-5 just doesn’t cut it. Long hours, bosses, traffic and even getting dressed could be our least favorite things. If you grew up on the planet I did, you’ve probably heard a number of times how no one is willing to pay you to sit at home. Or so they thought. Welcome to the century of the freelancer, where we get paid a lot more to work from the comfort of our beds.
Here are 15 of the highest paying freelance job. It is, however, important to note that these jobs shouldn’t be ideal for you just because of how much they bring. The best part about “being your own boss”, is being able to do what you love at a pace that suits you, regardless of the pay. Also, this list does not in any way undermine the importance of any job, it just points to how much is being charged and how much clients are willing to pay for certain services. Enjoy!

Video Producer

Videos are beautiful. They help us understand beyond the words and lately, companies and business owners are realizing that sometimes, words aren’t just enough. To get the right video to the right consumer, you need the big guns and that's where video producers come in. They run tasks that range from filming to editing and special effects. For their trouble, they charge within a range of $150/hr to $18/hr.

Content writing: 

Take it from me, content writing is the biggest thing right now. Spanning from articles on blogs to instructions on product use, it holds and covers a lot of ground and that’s why content writers charge between $150/hr to $13/hr. This is mostly dependent on the individual skill and experience of the writer involved.
Statistics analyst

Remember that guy who always knows how many what or what not is involved in a situation? Well, he gets paid at least $6/hr to show his number fetish to people. He might sometimes charge as much as $150/hr or more if he knows his worth and like everybody else, he should.

    Google Adwords Expert

    This guy knows how to put your company or business website in people’s faces by putting in the right words in your ads so they show up when they need to, which is every time. Even if you shouldn’t put a price tag on greatness, a rate between $130/hr to $16/hr is the way to go and you should go.

    2D Animators
    With a charge rate of $120/hr - $20/hr, nobody messes with these guys. They’re the awesome humans who make the world of animation come alive with their creative perspective. Wouldn’t you like to be them today?

    Whether it’s a movie or an ad, animation wins over our hearts in the strangest of ways. It creeps up on us and involves us in its world of color and drama and this is what firms need at the moment. All this and more are enough reason why you should pay them when they ask for a fee between a $120/hr to $20/hr.
    Voice actors

    All those audiobooks, radio ads and interactive voice responses won’t sound just as fine if you don’t have professionals manning the booth. A voice-over actor helps to deliver content while creating the right impression with their voice. No wonder they earn an average of $62/hr with pay ranging from $110/hr to $15/hr. some voice actors who do voice-overs for animation characters earn more like Nancy Cartwright who voices Bart Simpson once negotiated a $400,000 per episode contract in 2008. Imagine what you can do in 2018!

    Sharepoint designers
    Large corporate companies have been able to increase their scale using certain business intelligence solution and high-powered enterprise software. Thanks to Microsoft, this software are now available as a package for small business owners in the form of Microsoft Sharepoint. A Sharepoint designer can help you apply these solutions to your business and for this reason, there’s an increasing demand for them. They charge between $100/hr to $5/hr.


    Ghostwriters are mostly behind the scene, working to make sure you look and sound good by writing speeches, blog posts, and articles that aren’t credited to them. They charge a beautiful $100/hr to $15/hr to stay in “ghost mode”.

    Accounting assistants

    Some of us can’t keep track of our finances to save our lives. This is where an accounting assistant comes in. They handle your every day and overall finances without breaking a sweat thus keeping you in business for long. These superheroes charge at a rate of $100/hr to $8/hr.

    Recruiting assistants

    Employees make or break a business. This is why you need someone with an eye for efficient talent to recruit the right staff for your business. If you are the kind of person with the said eye then you stand to make between $100/hr to $6/hr.

    Brand consultant

    Branding is all the rave right now. From logo designing to copywriting, a brand consultant ensures that you get the best deal from your consumers by helping you put out what appeals to them. They charge between $100/hr to $9/hr. remember that experience and expertise is key to these things so you might find a brand consultant who charges more.

    Social media consultants

    Selling on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram don’t necessarily involve selling out. These set of professionals ensure that you don’t make a mess of things with your business on social media. They sell it and they sell it fine while charging you from $100/hr to $5/hr.

    Blog writer

    Sometimes all your company needs is a little extra wordplay for the people who need to know more and because of that, you start a blog. But what if you can’t put those words together in a way your following needs to read them? Get a blog writer! And pay from $90/hr to $10/hr of their time.

    Wordpress developers

    Wordpress is currently the leading content management system (CMS) making it easy for us to create websites and blogs that are flexible and easy to maintain. Wordpress developers can help customize your site with designs and templates that all together make life more beautiful and easy for you. They tend to come at a rate of $85/hr to $5/hr, the rate still being dependent on experience and skill.
    All together we can see how possible it is for freelancers to earn an average of $120,000 a year just by working the right jobs. Life is getting more flexible as everyone is defining their work schedule. You should too.

    How To Apply For Jobs On Upwork | Best Approach 2018

    How To Apply For Jobs on Upwork

    apply for jobs on Upwork

    Hello There, This article is aimed at teaching you how to apply for jobs on Upwork. If you are reading this article then it means you already have successfully created an Account on

    Now, Upwork, as you would already know, is one of the best freelancing platforms out there. Just one contract on Upwork could get you so much money.

    Unlike other platforms, most Upwork jobs have the potential of becoming long-term contracts.


    Well, you could apply for a writing job on Upwork and If your employer loves your work enough, he/she could retain you as a writer for his/her website.

    Cool right?

    I remember my days as a freelancer, I did several jobs on Fiverr and most of them where short-term contracts. Until I started using Upwork. My First employer on Upwork loved my work so much that he had to start a long-term contract with me.

    TIP: As a freelancer, you are in for the money, I know, And That's not bad. But you should yearn to deliver to deliver the best to your clients. And trust me, You will enjoy your freelancing days.

    Yeah, I have done some talking up there, But this post, however, isn't centered on long/short term contracts on Upwork. It is actually centered on how to apply for jobs on Upwork. If you have read too this point without hitting the back button, that means you are in for business. And believe me when I say ''The patient dog, eats the fattest bone''

    How To Apply For Jobs On Upwork

    So, before moving on, I would assume you have successfully created an Upwork account and you also have filled out necessary profile details. 

    You have?


    Now, On Upwork, There's a tab called ''Find Work''  On this tab, you will see a list of jobs that are related to what you do and the skills that you set.

    So, the step to applying for a Job on Upwork is to click on ''Find work'' And then using your eyes to scan through the jobs you see.

    Note: Only apply for Jobs/tasks that you can get done.
    Most people apply for jobs on Upwork not because they can accomplish the task, but because of the high price set by the employer.

    You should never do this. It's terrible really. And yes! There are disadvantages.

    1. You might get a bad rating if you are unable to complete the Job, which will in turn, wreck your Upwork profile.
    2. You might end up having no clients on Upwork.

    Back to the Application process!!!

    1 Click on any Job that you know and you are sure can complete. (Personally, I never apply for Jobs that clients aren't payment verified

    2  Read through the description of the Job you are about to apply for and have a thorough understanding of what the client wants. (This will help you when you are submitting a proposal for review).

    3 Click on ''Submit a proposal''.

    You will see many tabs when you hit the Submit proposal button. I'll explain what each of these tabs means.

    Job Detail - This simply consists of the details of the Job you are about to do. Full details.

    Connects - This simply means the number of connects that are required to apply for the job (connects on Upwork are like credits) If you are a premium user, you shouldn't bother about connects. As a premium user, your connects are unlimited.

    Terms - This is the money tab. It's here that bid for the Job. (A client might offer $200 as his/her budget, you can bid less to increase chances of beating competitors and getting the job.

    How long will this project take? - All you need to do here is select the duration that it will take you to complete the job. It has to align with the time the client needs the work delivered.

    Additional Information - This pane contains your ''cover letter'' and any other additional information that your client may need to make employment/selection process easier.

    Okay, Wheew, That was some long description.

    I'll quickly tell you about the most important factor which is ''cover letter''. This is very crucial while applying for a job on Upwork.

    The cover letter is where you include information about your skills and the job you are applying for. You need to make your cover letter formal but not too formal though. Just make your cover letter clean and totally free of errors. You also can include some details from the job description and how you can fix them.

    Sometime in the future, I will create an article in which I will show you how to write an Amazing cover letter on Upwork. So, stay tuned.

    Back to the tabs you'll see while submitting a proposal on Upwork.

    Attachments - With this tab, you can add attachments while submitting your proposal if necessary. Files like your previously done work can be attached here.

    And that's a wrap. The last thing you should see is the green big ''submit proposal'' button. Click on the button if you know you have added all necessary details to your proposal.


    The process of Applying for a Job on Upwork is not a difficult one. This article has covered almost everything you'll need to know before and when applying for a job on Upwork. 

    Only click that green big ''Submit proposal'' button if you are sure that your proposal is error free.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    How to Create Freelancer Account And make 400% more profit

                        CREATE A FREELANCER ACCOUNT is a worldwide outsourcing marketplace website that allows employers to post different jobs to be done online in a limited time.

    Any relevant qualified user on can apply for the jobs posted by employers and after the completion of the task, he/she will be paid by the employer.

    Create Fiverr Account With Ease and Make Money on Fiverr 2017

    How to Create A Fiverr Account 

    Create Fiverr Account

    Hello there, I am basically going to show you how to create a Fiverr account for yourself. Following the steps that will be listed in this post will literally guarantee a high success rate on Fiverr in terms of orders.

    If you want to make money on Fiverr you should totally read this.

    Moving on;

    What is Fiverr?

    For the sake of newbies, I'll begin by explaining what Fiverr is;

    Fiverr is a freelancing platform, it can simply be described as a global marketplace where services are offered and bought for as low as $5. 

    The name Fiverr is actually a derivative of five ($5). Get it? five dollars, Fiverr.

    Everyday freelancers make money via Fiverr, so if you haven't created a Fiverr account for yourself, you should probably do so.

    Creating an Account on Fiverr

    The first question you should ask yourself before creating an account on Fiverr is (What services can I offer Clients with ease?).

    If you have a genuine answer to the question above, then you can go ahead and create a Fiverr account for yourself and start making money on Fiverr. You can offer more than one service on Fiverr.

    Here's a quick list of all available jobs offered on Fiverr;

    • Graphic and Design.
    • Digital Marketing.
    • Writing and Translation.
    • Video and Animation.
    • Music and Audio.
    • Programming and Tech.
    • Business.
    • Fun and Lifestyle.
    These are actually basic categories of services on Fiverr, there are actually tons of subcategories. For example, under Writing and Translation, there is;

    • Translation.
    • Resume and Cover letters.
    • Cover letters.
    • Legal writing.
    • Transcription.
    • Research and Summaries.
    • Articles and Blog post.
    • And Others.
    These are some of the sub-categories under Writing and Translation.

    Other main categories also have sub-categories. So, just head over to Fiverr and you should see a service that you are good at. On Fiverr, there is a service for almost everyone.

    Moving on;

    After that being said, I'll quickly cut to the chase by telling you how to create a Fiverr account.

    Okay, so how should I do this, Steps? or just boring long text?

    I'm guessing you went for steps. So here goes

    Step 1: On a web browser open

    Step 2: After opening the website, Click or tap on the button that says Join.

    Now after that it's time to create your account. You can use your email to signup for Fiverr, you can also sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

    How to open a fiverr account

    Signing in With Your Email Address

    If you would want to create your new Fiverr account using an Email address, be it Yahoo or Gmail, follow these steps;

    • Enter your Email address and click on continue.
    • Choose a unique password for your account and tap on Join.
    • After creating your Fiverr account, you will need to activate it by visiting your Email account.

    Signing In With Your Facebook Account

    • Click or tap on continue with Facebook.
    • Log in your Facebook account and grant Fiverr access.

    Signing in with your Google Account

    • Click or tap on continue with Google.
    • Log in your Google account and grant Fiverr access.

    Don't be scared, Fiverr will never post anything for you on Facebook or Google for any reason, your account stays private to you and you alone.

    After that being said, lets now move on to the fun part.

    What's the fun part? Well, it's the part where you start making money on Fiverr.

    How to start making money On Fiverr

    So, you have created your Fiverr account, It's brand new and feels good. Yeah, I've been there. But there is more to making money on Fiverr than just creating an Account.

    You need to create something called gigs.

    What are Fiverr gigs? 

    In my own understanding, a Fiverr gig is a service that you offer on Fiverr. A buyer see's this service(gig) and buys from you.

    That's just it.

    There are other things you need to do to bring in more buyers on Fiverr, things like;
    • Search Tags
    • Low prices.
    • Great about me description.
    • Buyers request.
    • And lots more.
    Another important thing you that you should do after creating your account is editing your Fiverr profile, you need to make it look mature and eye catching.

    Here's how to create a nice seller profile that buyers would love.

    • While logged in, Click or tap on Start selling.
    • Scroll down and Click or tap on Become a seller. 

    This is where the settings begin.

    Below is the list of settings that you will see; 

    Availability: Simply select your availability in terms of work time. You would also be required to provide work time and expected earnings per month.

    Linked Accounts: Here, you can link any of your social media accounts if you want to.

    Languages: Chose one of more languages that you are fluent with. You can add a new language by clicking on add new.

    Skills: Do you have a skill? Well, Fiverr needs to know. Use the Add button to add skills, you can add one or more.

    Education: Here, Fiverr simply wants to know if you went to high school and college, you can add as many as possible.

    Certification: Are you certified in any field that will boost your Fiverr profile? Add your certifications.

    Profile Photo: This is very important on Fiverr, you really don't want to put some funny looking or low-quality image on Fiverr, you'll drive so many serious buyers away. Your profile photo should be a nice picture of you probably in your office or your house. Just make sure it is good to go.

    Description: This is the last but definitely not the least, your Fiverr description should basically tell your buyers who you are and your expertise. 

    Here is an example of an amazing Fiverr description from a seller on Fiverr.

    Hello, my name is Fabian Cliff from the United States. I am a professional with over 6 years of experience in creating whiteboard animations and explainer videos, I have worked for tons of clients off and on Fiverr.

    Remember to make your description, short and very simple.

    After all that is done, it's time to save your changes by clicking or tapping on Continue and create your first gig.

    And bada bing, bada boom. You are all set to Create your first gig on Fiverr.

    Note: Don't use a VPN to log in Fiverr, there are lots of sites and forums that encourage users to use a VPN while creating Fiverr accounts and also using a generated mobile number. This is against Fiverr's terms and could lead to disabling your account without a warning.

    Be genuine, use your real photo, real phone number, if the service you offer is great and not saturated, you will surely get buyers from around the world.


    This guide was basically meant to help you create a Fiverr account in the best possible way, If follow our guide correctly, you should be on the verge of making money on Fiverr.

    The right way is the best way.

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